Wednesday Videos: Sense8

IWednesdayVideo just started watching Sense 8 and so far I’m not really feeling it. You’d think a show that is all about race and sexuality and gender and class etc would be my catnip but I think I need more plot. However, thanks to this clip from episode 4, I think I might keep watching – I hear this show requires an investment of time and attention, and this scene in which eight people from all over the world who are psychically connected sing the same song is really wonderful. I find it interesting that this four minutes of show makes me more invested than the entire one hour I saw last night – it’s thrilling to see people connect and it’s incredibly heartwarming to see people trying to reach out to each other in times of crisis. I’m not sure if I’ll watch this show or not but if anything breaks up my sweet Nomi and Amanita I’ll be PISSED (they are the couple in the back of the car at the end).

Note – the clip is not spoilery but it IS NSFW because of nudity (one character does her singing in the shower).