Geeky Wedding Roundup

My baby cousin is getting married tomorrow.  Technically, she is no longer a baby, so it’s not a creepy wedding of gothic horror.  But, you all know how this goes, she’ll always be MY baby, blah, blah, weeping into keyboard…

Sorry about that.

ANYWAY, in honor of the occasion, and the many, many times we watched Star Wars together when I was babysitting, here’s some geeky wedding pictures for you.  It’s not too late, Cousin, you could still dress up as Princess Leia!

The Dresses

I like this link because the dresses are the ones the fictional characters wear as opposed to the recreations.  I also like that they include some dresses that aren’t actually wedding dresses, but could work.  Seriously, if you are a child of the 1980’s, you cannot tell me that you did not dream of getting married in this dress from Labyrinth, and to David Bowie, in a bubble full of muppets:


We live in a bubble now? Seriously?

The Details

If you’re really serious about planning a geeky wedding, this tumblr site is a must.  And Mental Floss has ideas for gorgeous ring boxes, like this one:

Wall-E ring box

The Stealth Approach to Geekery

Finally, I believe that of all the elaborate geeky weddings I’ve seen online, this subtle approach may be my favorite.  On the surface, this wedding seems pretty traditional, but then there is the reveal!

Secret Indenty groomsmen