The Hand to Hand Project: Advice from Writers of Speculative Fiction

The first (official) draft of my first book is due on July 31st.  Will I make it?  For inspiration, I have the following link to a project called Hand in Hand. In this project, writers of speculative fiction wrote writing advice on their hands and sent a photo to aspiring writers at Wofford College.

Here’s a couple of samples.  There are many more at the link and they are awesome.  Let’s start with the one that is most pertinent to me at this precise moment:

Hand to Hand

Patrick Rothfuss

Here’s one that is pretty and practical:

Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye

And alas, my regular readers know all to well that this one should be tattooed onto me:

hand to hand project

Angela Slatter

Check out the link for more.  I have to go sit my ass down and write!  More about the book later…stay tuned.