Wednesday Videos Love Miss Fischer’s Mysteries

WednesdayVideoIf you aren’t watching Miss Fischer’s Mysteries oh my are you missing a treat.  This Australian series is about a female private detective in the 1920s.  OH GOD, THE CLOTHES.  We talk about the series at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and there are photos of THE CLOTHES.

I love this video so much – perfect song choice, great editing, captures Phryne Fischer’s personality.  NSFW.

And here’s an adorable clip from the show:


Have fun with Miss Fischer – you can get Seasons One and Two on Netflix and on DVD.

Wednesday Video Might Cause You To Swoon

WednesdayVideoThere I was, looking up a completely different video, one infused with humor and snark, when I found this tribute to romantic period dramas.  There’s quite a bit of Austen in here, and my very favorite Jane Eyre couple (Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson).  Seriously, this just pure, unabashed romance. I have to go watch it about ten more times but I guess I’ll have to pick myself off the floor first.