Wednesday Videos: Game of Thrones Parodies

WednesdayVideoApparently there are only two ways to cope with another Game of Thrones season ending – one way to cope is to make parody videos, and the other is to watch them.  Here’s a few to tide you over until next season.

First of all, here’s Lena Heady giving an interview in character as Drunk Cersei.  Best line?  “You host a [bitter laugh] talk show.  How NICE”.

In case you need a catch up on who these people are, here’s a parody medley to explain it all to you:

And Wil Wheaton, not to be outdone, has his own way of explaining it all:

There’s no release date set for Season 5 but it’s rumored to be happening around March 2015, so you have plenty of time to stock up on dragon kibble and kleenex.  OK, go!


Wednesday Videos: Regeneration Carol and More!

WednesdayVideoI was going to just post one video from Not Literally and then I couldn’t stop watching them and now my entire life consists of starting at Not Literally videos.  So here’s three Wednesday videos, instead of one!

The Regeneration Carol

first of all, here’s something for everyone who’s still recovering from the Doctor Who finale:

Sorted This Way

Hufflepuffs finally get some respect in this parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga:

Just a Character I Used to Know

And this parody of “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye has been stuck in my head for months.  Two girls settle down for a pleasant viewing of this new “Game of Thrones” show and end up in a drunken, sobbing, heap of smeared mascara.  And they haven’t even gotten to the season with the wedding yet!