Friday Book Club: The Best of Billy Crystal

SWT-Book-ClubsThis month we’re reading 700 Sundays, by Billy Crystal.  In celebration, here’s a few memorable moments from Crystal’s career!

Fernando’s Hideaway, 1985

Billy Crystal was a regular in Saturday Night Live in the 1980’s.  His most famous characters was that of Fernando, who’s catch phrase was “You look mah-va-lous!”  Here’s Crystal With Hulk Hogan and Mr. T at the Hideaway.  “Do you work out?”  Click in the link to get to the video.

The Princess Bride, 1987

One of the best scenes from one of the best movies of all time – here’s Billy Crystal and Carol Kane as Miracle Max and his witch, Valerie!

Monster’s Inc, 2001

Crystal was offered the role of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and turned it down – a decision he deeply regretted.  Luckily, that meant he could voice Mike Wazoski in Monster’s Inc.  Here’s some Mike highlights.

The Oscars With Bob Hope, 2011

Crystal has hosted the Oscars nine times to date.   The only person who has hosted the Oscars more often was Bob Hope, who hosted the Oscars 18 times.  In this famous Oscar vignette, Bob Hope and Billy Crystal appear together.

Wednesday Video: Pacific Rim Goes Radioactive

WednesdayVideoLook, we all knew Pacific Rim wasn’t going up for a Best Picture Oscar, but for it to be completely cut out of all the  special effects categories is a shame.  Here’s a great fan video to show you just how fun that monster vs. robot movie was!

C’mon Oscars.  You can’t tell me that flying dragon fighting a robot with a sword wasn’t pretty cool.

And for the more sentimental among us, I thought this video used the song “Mirrors” to good effect in showing a relationship between two drift compatible people (Mako Mori, played by Rinko Kikuchi, and Raleigh Becket, played by Charlie Hunnam).

Just because I love it, here’s a clip from Pacific Rim of Mako kicking Raleigh’s ass – and extra points to Raleigh who is so thrilled to have his ass kicked.  I’m just gonna have to watch the whole movie again, aren’t I?