Wednesday Videos: WWI and the Birth of Modern Fantasy

WednesdayVideoAnd now for something completely different…a video that includes me!  I gave this presentation, “The War that Launched a Genre: WWI and the Birth of Modern Fantasy” at Sacramento Public Library.  I had a great time, and you can tell that I thought the topic was “really interesting” because I seem to have said so about once every five minutes. The presentation includes discussion of “The Battle of Dorking”, H.G. Wells, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, modernism, C.S. Lewis, and, of course, Tolkien.

Warning: it’s long, and if you take a drink every time I say “really interesting” you’ll be unconscious in the first thirty minutes.

Wednesday Video: Wishing everyone a loving Valentine’s Day

I-am-an-AllyThe first time I heard this song I cried so hard I had to pull over (I was in the car).  Here’s Mary Lambert singing “She Keeps Me Warm”.  Have your tissues ready and then go hug somebody!

And here’s a bonus video, “Same Love”, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  This came out in 2012 and Mary Lambert wrote the chorus which she later used in her own, full-length song.  This is a beautiful video.  I don’t understand why some people just don’t get it.  Stay strong, LGBT people.  I’m honored to be an Ally.