Friday Book Club: Behold the Banjolele

SWT-Book-ClubsIn Thank You Jeeves, Jeeves quotes Bertie’s employ because Bertie will not stop playing the banjolele.  It turns out that the banjolele is a real thing.  It was most popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s but keen-eyed and sharp-eared fans will recognize it being played by classic rockers Brian May and George Harrison.  It’s one of those instruments that appears inexplicably and then never goes away – also known as the banjo ukelele or banjo uke.  It’s basically a banjo with the neck of a ukelele.  Want to hear what it sounds like?

One assumes that Bertie’s level of playing was slightly less adept.

Music is used for comedy in the Wooster books but P.G. Wodehouse was an accomplished lyricist.  He wrote lyrics for songs with Cole Porter and Jerome Kern, among others.  Here’s one of his most famous songs, “Bill”, from the musical Show Boat (music by Jerome Jern).  Helen Morgan was the first of many performers to sing this.  This version is from the 1936 film version of Show Boat.