Wednesday Video Want A Black Widow Movie!

WednesdayVideoSo there’s been a lot of chatter online lately about how badly we need a Black Widow movie.  Hollywood seems to be having a hard time grasping this concept, but luckily the folks on youtube are here to help them.  Here’s not one, not two, but THREE Black Widow videos for you (two fan made trailers and one music video).

First up, here’s an origin story.  Look, it’s arty!  This is flawed but fascinating.

OK, maybe you want a love story between Widow and Hawkeye.  We got you covered.

And here’s a short music video, just because I like it.  It’s a little short, but lots of fun.

OK Hollywood, your fans did all the heavy lifting for you.  Now MAKE MY MOVIE!



Wednesday Videos Are Excited About Captain America: Winter Soldier

WednesdayVideoCaptain America:  The Winter Soldier opens this weekend and obviously I’m breathless with excitement.  Just to get us all in the proper movie-going mood, here’s two fun Avengers videos.  First we have a great music video – extra points for including plenty of Black Widow.  In my heart, the full title of “The Avengers” is “Black Widow with Special Guests”.

And here’s a great fan made trailer to catch you up on who these people are:

See you all at the movies!