did a great article in which they pointed out that Taylor Swift’s video for “Out of the Woods” is fairytale madness of the absolute best kind, and I am not one to argue. I am also an unapologetic fan of Talyr Swift. I love the song, which sounds exactly like the way I feel when trying to manage periods of anxiety. Listen to how the thing Taylor is worried about keeps drumming along underneath, and she keeps shoving it down, and shoving it down, until it breaks out in the high notes and then she has to try to shove it down again. Taylor is caught in the weird space in which people either idolize her or demonize her and I’m not saying she’s my idol, but DAMN that woman can write a song (she co-wrote this one with Jack Antonoff).

And also…this video is beautiful and insane and I’m not sure what happened here, but it sure was super cool. And I’m having a very emotional week this week so I’m not gonna lie – that final flash of writing chocked me up every time. So here it is:


Lest we forget when Taylor tackled science fiction by blowing everything up with her girlfriends, here’s the video to “Bad Blood”. In this video, she throws in The Fifth Element, The Hunger Games, Tron, Mad Max, MMA fighting, some truly incredible high heels, and pretty much all of the 1970’s into four minutes.Click on “Watch on You tube” to view.