Friday Book Club: Temple Grandin Speaks!

SWT-Book-ClubsWelcome to book club!  This month we have been discussing Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson.  Join us in person on Sunday, July 13, 2014!  We will be at Arden Dimick Library in Sacramento at 2PM for the Arden Dimick Book Club, so if you live in the Sacramento area, come on by!

Temple Grandin is an inspiring speaker.  You can find full speeches of hers on YouTube, many of which are over an hour long but well worth the time.  Here’s two quick clips to get us in the book club mood. 

The first clip is a ten minute long interview with Temple during which she talks about her upbringing, the challenges she thinks this generation will face, her struggles with sensory overload and anxiety, and how educators can best serve autistic kids.

In the last clip, Temple talked a little bit about the HBO movie based on her life.  Here’s a clip in which Claire Danes, who plays Temple, speaks up at a meeting of autistic parents:

See you on Sunday!