Wednesday Videos: Ariana Grande IN SPACE!

WednesdayVideoWaa…I can’t even.  This is the most ridiculous music video possibly of all time but now that I’ve seen it I can’t stop staring at it.  There are so many questions!  How does Ariana Grande shoot a giant robot with her boobs?  Does that mean she has an endless supply of metal boobs hidden in her chest?  Can you get those at Target?  When she’s in zero gravity, why does her underwear float but her hair does not?  If I had a spaceship, would I spend so much time writing around in a corset?  Hint:  Sure, why not, although in all honesty I would not look like Ariana Grande while doing it.  And most importantly, why was I not invited to the Cantina party?  Ariana, do you have any idea how much time I had to spend watching you in Sam and Cat with my preteen?  You owe me a party!

Anyway, thanks to io9 for bringing this to my attention – they wrote about it quite hysterically so go read it.  Video is mildly NSFW due to writhing, underwear, and boob rocket guns.