Superheroes Say: Give Blood for the Holidays!

Christmas-Ad-07-PinterestThis is a short post, because I donated blood recently and now I have to take a nap.  See how great it is to be a blood donor?  You get cookies!  You are instructed to “eat a hearty meal”!  You are instructed to avoid strenuous activity!  Interpreting this generously means the family gets pizza tonight and I don’t have to do any dishes and I’m napping.  Whee!

Why is it so important to donate during the holidays?  During the holidays, the need for blood often increases as more people travel and there are more accidents.  Meanwhile, illnesses and traumas that cause people to need blood continue at a steady pace. But fewer people donate during the holidays.  People get  busy and people get sick.  Here’s a few reasons to make time to donate blood during your holiday schedule:

1.  You can save up to three lives with your donations (one adult, three babies).  Not bad work for a lunch hour.

2.  You can save these lives while lying down and drinking juice, which is surely the easiest and most comfortable way to save a life possible.

3.  The life you save may be your own.  I had several blood transfusions as a child.  My aunt, my father-in-law, and my cousin have all had blood transfusions.  I can personally attest to what a huge difference blood donors make to the world.

4.  Donating blood is a geeky thing!  Here’s some trivia for you:

  • Spock had T-negative blood
  • According to Batman:  The Animated Series, Mr. Freeze’s wife and Batgirl have the same blood type (as seen in “Batman and Mr. Freeze:  Sub Zero”)
  • The first appearance of “Superwoman” in comics was when Lois Lane gained superpowers after receiving a blood transfusion from superman.  But it turned out to be a dream.
  • She-Hulk got her powers after getting a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner
  • Deadpool got his powers from Wolverine’s blood
  • And of course who can forget the healing powers of Harrison’s blood in Star Trek:  Into Darkness!