Blog News: Tweaking the Schedule

Pride_PopcornCover_finalWhen I started this blog, my clever plan was to use it to write about all the books I was reading that I can’t review elsewhere. Good news – I’m reviewing books all over the place! You can find me at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Book Page, and RT Book Reviews, as well as SEARCH magazine and, lest we forget, Between the Lines Book Club at Arden Dimick Library. Given all this excitement,here’s something I never thought I’d say:

It’s just barely possible that I can’t read more than 20 books a month. Just barely possible. Not if I’m also taking the time to write about them coherently. And there are other freelance and publishing endeavors I’d like to explore.

So I’m scaling back just a smidgen here at Geek Girl in Love. On Mondays, you will find either posts by myself or guest posts and reviews. On Wednesdays you’ll find links and videos, because they are easy to do and I love telling people I have to browse YouTube “For Work.” On Fridays you will find posts related to Between the Lines Book Club, unless we are on hiatus in which case I may post little snippets of things or (DON’T JUDGE ME) I may take a nap. Who can foretell the future? Not I (zzzzzz).

So – see you Mondays, Wednesdays, and many Fridays! Next Monday I’m going to talk about the five ways the BBC show Merlin has managed to consume my life despite a terrible, terrible first season. THOSE CLOTHES, YOU GUYS. So ridiculous and so pretty. Enjoy this gif of Lancelot until then:

lancelot 1

Wednesday News: Summer is Coming


Pro: I don’t have to get up early

Con: There are children here. Loud children. I do not have quiet time to myself to write, read, or watch netflix while thinking “Huh I should write something” for another nine weeks.

Here's my house - picture me way off in the background trying to write something and stealing all the chips.

Here’s my house this summer – picture me way off in the background trying to write something and stealing all the chips.

This has not stopped me from forming big plans, including some blog projects. I’m trying some new things out in the near future. These include:

1. Wednesday links!

We’ll still have videos, but in a context of pointing you towards other people’s work instead of posting the finished product. I want to be respectful of everyone’s ownership of their work and make sure I’m, not violating copyright, because that would be bad and I would go to writer hell. In writer hell all you get to read is 50 Shades of Grey. Please don’t send me there. Plus I’ll be linking to articles that interested me during the week, and anything I’ve published over at smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

2. Tuesday interviews and guest posts HEY! Got something to say? Email me at I regret that I can’t pay contributors because my blog is not monetized. ¬†However…

3. At some point this summer I have high hopes of carving out the time to switch to for hosting, which would allow me to run giveaways and post ads. I’ll also be adding affiliate links. Guest posters – if I make money, so do you. So let’s pull this thing together!

4. And let’s not forget that San Diego Comic Con is coming up! This year I have a kid in tow so my coverage will be a little different – more staring at cosplay and hanging out at booths, less waiting in line for panels. Last year left me both exhausted and energized – can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Be patient with me as I navigate kids, pets, and big plans. Hope your summer is full of beaches and books!