This Week’s Arrow: “Unthinkable”

Arrow Tv show logoOK, the Arrow Season Finale has come and gone and we can all discuss:  HERE BE SPOILERS.

I’m sure you all knew exactly when I was watching this because I kept emitting little shrieks of joy.  Lyla has a rocket launcher!  Nyssa is back!  Quentin is even more snarky than usual!  Thea is immune to bullshit!  Deadshot is even snarkier than Quentin!  Amanda Waller manages to spit out the line, “You’re about be a father” with the kind of venom people usually reserve for statements like, “You killed my girlfriend” (although during the holiday rush at the mall I’ve been known to use the same tone of voice when saying “You stole my parking space”).

So much joy was had during the finale, and overall I’m thrilled with it (although if they kill Quentin I’ll be annoyed – not just because I like Quentin, but because I think having older people on the cast is a true gift to the show and the audience).  This nicely completes Ollie’s arc into a true hero as opposed to a vengeance-fuelled vigilante, and it also completes his arc in healing from the traumas of the island.  I’m sure there are enough traumas to keep him angst-filled for many more seasons – but he seems to have released some of the guild for the death of Shado, he has found an ability to trust again, and although his family of origin has shattered he’s surrounded by family of choice.

Another thing I liked about the episode was that it refused to betray the fascinating, complex women in its cast.  Over and over again women are consigned to stay safe and silent i the background, and it never, ever works.  Thea runs off to be a super villain, thus making all my dreams come true.  I knew she would turn to villainy!  I just knew it!  I’m so excited!  Laurel gets held hostage (again).  Sarah left last week, but she’s back with a whole army behind her (it’s a small army, but very high quality).  And then there’s Felicity – which is where I feel let down.

Ollie tells Felicity he loves her, at which point in the episode I started screaming and jumping up and down.  But even though I was acting just like those people who attend the Oprah show and find out they won a new car, I felt a little cheated.  It’s too early for Ollie to tell Felicity he loves her.  I believe they are soul mates who are destined to ride off into the sunset surrounded by conversation hearts and glitter, but right now Ollie thinks of Felicity as a cute younger sister.  So I was both excited and not sure I believed it…

…which was lucky because it was a ploy.  It was a cool ploy.  It meant Felicity got to take down Slade, which was a moment I’ll certainly never get tired of.  There he is, whining away, and Ollie gives him a simply glorious “The Reason You Suck” speech and then Felicity depowers him with a well-placed hypodermic.  That’s my girl.

Then at the end, they have a cute conversation about how his declaration of love was fake, and I was all sad.  Not because they didn’t rush into each other’s arms, but because dragging out the will they/won’t they is so soap opera – even for this show, which has never been ashamed of having soapy elements.  They cheated the show and they cheated the audience.

But hey – did I mention the phenomenal amount of squee involved in this episode?  Seriously!  I have one gripe and that’s it.  Can’t wait for Season Three!

Thursdays will be empty on Geek Girl in Love for a while but we’ll still have new material on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and most Fridays.

This Week’s Arrow: “Streets of Fire”

Arrow Tv show logo


First of all, I’m so sorry I left you all last week.  I’m pleased to say that I did catch the episode I had missed and as a result I keep chirping, “Bitch…with wifi!” at everyone.  Seriously – how am I not wearing this as a T-shirt, all the time?

I'll be your interrogator today!

I’ll be your interrogator today!


So this week’s episode, “Streets of Fire” involved a lot of explosions and fights and great lines and several lines at which I did the whole “fist-pump in the air” thing.  There were audible cheers.  From me, I mean.  Line of the week comes from Laurel:  “That was the Canary”.   Behold my reaction:



OK, I’m a little tense about the finale next week.  Here’s my mantra:  they can’t kill the entire cast.  I’m sure they will kill off someone who is not a villain.  Personally, I’m so sick of Slade and his endless whining that I can’t wait to see him go out.  Please, Arrow producers, do not make me listen to him whining about Shado for another season.  I’m begging you.  And for crying out loud, DO NOT KILL FELICITY.  I am not kidding.  Anyone messes with Felicity, I’m crawling into my TV set and messing up some bad guys myself.  Do not tell me approximately 100 times in 45 mites that Slade is going to kill whoever Ollie loves most and then have him and Felicity being all touchy-feely.  DON’T TOY WITH ME!


Other highlights:

I have no highlights.  It was all highlights.  I do need to give a shout-out to this review from io9.  I recommend them often for full recaps and this one goes above and beyond by describing all the things Amanda Waller could do other than bomb this city.  Honorable mention for line of the week comes not from the episode itself but from reviewer Esther Ingliss-Arkell, who says,

But Waller already knows that Slade can be hurt and that he lost an eye. And that makes her decision so dumb that she ceases to be human, and basically becomes an elaborately sculpted cell phone holder. There is nothing between the point of her chin and the crown of her head but teeth and cat litter. She is as dense as a neutron star.

I bow before a master.  That was great.

Spin-off show - Slade and Amanda try to survive on a deserted island.  After five minutes, they are dated by sharks.  The end.  I would watch this.

Spin-off show – Slade and Amanda return to the island because of reasons. After five minutes, they are eaten by sharks. The end. I would watch this.

I know this is brief, but honestly this episode was just one long squee.  Ollie, stop whining.  Laurel, it’s great that you are such a good cheerleader now.  Please stop also trying to be action girl.  Or, since we know from Season One that you are quite well-trained in basic self-defense, do “Action Girl” right.  Summer Glau, you just be you, sweetie.  Rock that catsuit.  Roy, I’ve enjoyed this interlude of you being in a coma.  Thea, if you shot your dad, YAY!  If instead of shooting your dad you shot the bad guy behind him and are running off with your dad to begin your life of villainy, double yay!  Slade, shut up, already.  Diggs, find something cool to do.  I can’t wait until next week when this happens!!!!!!


Help! I’m Trapped In Paradise and Can’t Watch Arrow!

Arrow Tv show logoDear Readers, this week we got a new Arrow, but I can’t see it because I’m in Yosemite.  I know, cry me a river.  Here I am, surrounded by the glories of nature (and 80 screaming fourth graders) unable to watch TV.  It’s a hard life, hanging out here, TV-less, by a waterfall, but someone has to live it.  Comments are open, talk amongst yourselves, and I’ll be back with Arrow highlights next week!

To tide us over, here’s a fan made movie trailer from trusty youtube that I thought was pretty nifty – enjoy!  The creator did a great job of pulling together action clips from different movies to make it look like the Arrow we know and love, but with a big-screen, Hollywood blockbuster budget.


This Week’s Arrow: “Seeing Red”

Arrow Tv show logo

What the Hell was that?

I’d deliver my highlights of Arrow as promised, but excuse me I’m BUSY CRYING HYSTERICALLY.  Jesus, is this show trying to kill me?  Wait a minute…is this Game of Thrones?

So as you all know, this is the more or less weekly feature where I share my two cents on Arrow.  It’s not a full recap.  Recaps abound online, I highly recommend, which does hilarious and insightful recaps.  This is more a thing where I watch Arrow by myself and then I pretend that we are all hanging out chatting or, in this weeks’ case, curled up in fetal position waiting to die.   SPOILERS ABOUND HEREAFTER.

That Thing That Happened

So…this thing happened.  Now we are all depressed.  I don’t want to talk about it except to say the same thing I say about Slade every week: What. A. Whiner.  Yes, also a murderous evil wacko guy, but above all a whiner.  Death by Whiner is a terrible way to go.  I can’t even.  No, I’m not gonna say who died – go watch the episode so you, too, can be utterly miserable.

I know I said spoilers, and I also know this is already all over the Internet.  But whether it’s because I’m sad or spoiler-adverse, I still don’t want to say much about this except that it was very, very well done.  One thing I liked is that the death was about the person, and their emotional arc, and their experience, not just about Ollie.  It was brutal and upsetting and it would should be great for our surviving characters to catch a break.  If this season ends on a cliffhanger I will not be amused.


I bring you these therapy animals.  Feel better?

I bring you these therapy animals. Feel better?

The Magnificent Brats Rock On

In other news, Roy goes crazy because of all that pesky mirakuru in his system.  I have not been a fan of the actor who plays Roy, Colton Hayes, but I gotta hand it to him – he plays “whacked out on mirakuru” in a truly terrifying manner.  We get to see Sin again (yay) and her interacting with Thea again (double yay – I love their friendship) but although I get that redemption is important to the show, it was pretty disturbing to see not one but two women ardently defend the man they’ve been attacked by.  Weirdly, even though that aspect of the story completely creeped me out, I still want Roy and Thea to have a happy ending.  I guess I’m just Team Thea and I want her to have what she wants.  Although what I really want is a Thea/Sin spin-off show.  Also, no matter how many times she does it, I never get tired of hearing Sin refer to Roy as “Abercrombie”.

Once again, Thea makes me proud.  Go, you magnificent brat, go!

Once again, Thea makes me proud. Go, you magnificent brat, go!

True Love – Or Not

Romantically, this episode makes it painfully obvious that Ollie has no chemistry with either Laurel or Sara.  I’ve always maintained that Ollie’s friendship with Sara is important, because he needs to spend time with someone who understand vigilante life and his past experiences.  But I’ve also always maintained that Ollie should be friends with Sara and in a romantic relationship with someone who isn’t like him, someone who balances his chronic “mopey” disposition (someone like, say…Felicity!).  Finally Sara agrees with me and she breaks up with Ollie.  I think it’s interesting that people keep telling her that she’s not a killer even though her profession for many years has been killer.  What do they think she did as an Assasain?  Still, I see great heroism in Sara and I’m worried about her as she seems to accept that she is a dark person.  On the other hand, she’s visiting an “old friend”.  Maybe it’s Nyssa!  Maybe Nyssa and Sara will kick Slade’s ass!  This I would love to see.


Come back, Nyssa!  We love you!  Sara is single now!

Come back, Nyssa! We love you! Sara is single now!

Best lines:

There is one clear winner for best line of the night, and it’s not a shock that that goes to Felicity, who is horrified by Ollie’s determination to jab his injured knee full of painkillers and keep on limping after the bad guys:

“Are you sure thats a good idea?  Can you even get into those leather pants with that knee?”



This Week’s Arrow: “The Man Under the Hood”

Arrow Tv show logoHa, you thought you wouldn’t be getting highlights from Geek Girl In Love today!  Here in my time zone, it’s not yet midnight, thus it is still Thursday, so I can truthfully say that I have your highlights on time – sort of.


The obvious highlight here is that:


Holy Crap, Summer Glau can totally kill you with her brain!  I LOVE batshit ax-crazy Summer Glau!  Granted, it’s sad that all this ax-craziness is because she was jilted by a guy.  It’s also disorienting, because I keep thinking Isabel must have had her “we were soul mates” love affair with Ollie’s Dad when she was…what, eleven?  Honestly.  Still, that moment when Isabel gazed at Slade with those bloody eyes of grinning insanity is one of the finer moments of my life.  I intend to cherish it deep in my heart.

In other news – Laurel is both dark (blackmail, which she delivers in a badass manner but which doesn’t seem like it would actually work) and sweet and mature (love the hug she gives Ollie instead of telling him She Knows).  In a great mark of maturity, partially prompted by a stern chat from her dad, she doesn’t pout that Ollie kept secrets from her.  Classy, Laurel.  Thea, meanwhile, stays defiantly a brat and I love her for it.  Please, please, show, please I’m begging you – make Thea a super villain.  I’m begging, here.

I’m not loving the tech twins.  I’ve no doubt I’ll love them on The Flash, but their presence here feels really forced.  Nor do I kill about this whole, “Let’s kill Ivo” thing.  Yes, kill him, move on, this is dull.

Best Lines:

Felicity:  I don’t think my eyeholes line up properly.  Is anyone else having that problem?

Quentin:  Are you going to your meetings?  Laurel:  Yes, Dad, it’s where I talk about how my father’s facing prison.

Thea:  No, you’re my half-brother.  And you know who else is my half-brother?  Tommy!  My half-brother who I tried to kiss!

Not the greatest Arrow episode we’ve ever had, but this one had some great moments.  Can’t wait for next week!



This Week’s Arrow: “Deathstroke”

Arrow Tv show logoSo yesterday on Arrow ALL the shit went down.   Secrets were revealed and mooks were shot with such abandon that Ollie seemed to have a hard time not tripping on their bodies, people turned evil, or left, or turned awesome, or some combination of the above.  The themes were summed up by Ollie’s line, “I am my own worst enemy” and The Super Cool Russian guy’s line, “When did you get so scary?”

As usual beware of SPOILERS.

So I’m not even gonna try to sum all this up – everything happens except nuclear war.  But what I found interesting was two threads.  First, we have the theme of darkness, continued from last week (Birds of Prey).  Suddenly everyone is scary as shit.  Hell, Thea gives Slade such a look of pure rage that when he said “I was wondering what kind of threat a 19-year-old can make” I really thought she might have one lined up.  I am really hoping that it’s Thea who takes Slade down right before she runs off, cackling, into the night to become her own super-villian.  I’m also fond of the fact that when she realizes she’s being kidnapped, her initial retain is something like, “Oh, not again.  ho Hum.  It must be Wednesday”.

Remember Isabel, played by Summer Glau?  Well she starts off pretty nice, and delivers such a ferocious ass-kicking to invasive reporters that a slightly stunned Ollie says, “You’re very scary, thank you.”  Truth be told, I prefer the idea that Isabel could become an unexpected ally but of course she’s actually EVIL.  Evil and crazy and scary!  Yay!

pic of Ollie signing away company to Isabel

Isabel cannot believe how easy her evil plan is. She hardly even needed a plan. She mostly just had to stand around waiting for Ollie to trip on himself.

Then Ollie tells Roy to go all Hulk, and Roy says, “It’s just…you’re always telling me to hold back.”  To which Ollie replies, “Not tonight”.  This leads to Roy going so apeshit that Sara almost has to kill him.  Speaking of which Sara is scary when she threatens Roy but scarier on the island where she turns a prisoner into a bomb, prompting Russian guy to say, “When did you get so scary?”  Meanwhile in the Arrow Cave, everyone is arguing about what to do when Felicity marches right up to Ollie and says, with complete certainty, determination, and rather horrifying ruthlessness, “Go.  Go get Thea.  Stop Slade.  Do whatever it takes.  End this”.  She probably would have whipped around to Sara and added, “And DON’T call me cute!” but everyone was too busy edging away from Felicity in a delicate manner.  Don’t fuck with Felicity or the people she cares about, because she will end you.

On the “I’m my own word enemy” front, Ollie has been making stupid decisions for ages and they all land in his lap.  He’s kept secrets to protect people and forced Roy to keep secrets and whaddya know, it turns out that Thea would have been much better off if she had been walking around with the super-powered boyfriend instead of crying alone because her boyfriend dumped her “for her own safety”.  Moira delivers a devastating speech about secrets and how she said she kept them to protect the family but that was the worst lie of all – and of course Slade is busy spilling secrets all over the place so that plan has foundered.  It’s sad that Thea isn’t even all that mad at her mom for lying to her.  She expects lies from mom.  Ouch.  She’s sure as hell pissed at Ollie, though.  Quentin is arrested because of Ollie, Roy leaves town, the company is destroyed because Ollie is not only an idiot but an idiot who hasn’t shown up for work in months, and if not for a pep talk from Diggle and Felicity, Ollie would clearly just go back to bed at this point.  Stephen Arnell is really selling the emotions of a guy who has been juggling so many balls that he can’t hold them up any more.  He’s usually so stoic that when he lets his emotions show it’s powerful stuff.

Once again both Ollie and Quentin, both of whom have constant access to a lawyer, fail to grasp how criminal law works.

Once again both Ollie and Quentin, both of whom have constant access to a lawyer, fail to grasp how criminal law works.

So this was powerful stuff.  It did a great job of combining plot stuff, action stuff, and making all that revolve around and be driven by character stuff.  It left me with that best of all feelings when watching TV:  A desperate need to know What Happens Next.  Will Thea and Ollie and Moira hug it out?  Will Laurel pout about Ollie being Arrow or say, “Ha!  I knew it!” and start working with him to end crime?  Will Ray’s dig at Sara about how she’s screwing Ollie drive a wedge between Sara and Ollie or just remind us all that although Roy spends most of this episode being right, he’s still a dweeb?  Will Ollie ever get to have the good cry he apparently needs?  How long is it until next week?