Between the Lines Book Club: Meryl Streep plays Susan Orleans

Who do you wish would play you in a movie? Susan Orlean is played by Meryl Streep in Adaptation, This movie from 2002 was written by Charles Kaufman and stars Nicholas Cage as Kaufman and Kaufman’s (fictional) twin brother. Wikipedia describes it here:

Kaufman based Adaptation on his struggles to adapt Orlean’s 1998 nonfiction book The Orchid Thief while suffering from writer’s block. It involves elements adapted from the book, plus fictitious elements, including Kaufman’s twin brother (also credited as a writer for the film) and a romance between Orlean and Laroche. It culminates in completely invented elements, including versions of Orlean and Laroche three years after the events of The Orchid Thief.

Here’s a trailer:

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