Music in Oona Out of Order

Our next book club meeting will be on February 27 at 10:30AM. We are reading Oona Out of Order. At the start of the book, Oona is an aspiring musician, and music plays an integral role in the book. Here’s a sampling of some of the music that is important to the characters.

Oona’s favorite song is Sunday Morning by “Velvet Underground”

The first time she jumps, she listens to Kate Bush’s album The Hounds of Love over and over again:

She meets Kenzie at a Suzanne Vega Concert and he breaks down when Vega sings “In Liverpool”

Later, Oona promises to take Kenzie to see Garbage – a good band, but a bad move, Oona.

Edward is a fan of Nirvana:

Finally, the last chapter brings us back to Velvet Underground with All Tomorrow’s Parties:

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