Between the Lines Book Club: Hidden Valley Road Discussion Questions

Our book club will be held on Zoom on January 23, 2021. Here are discussion questions for our book, Hidden Valley Road, courtesy of! I will be adding a few more before our meeting, but these should help you get started.

1. How does the Galvin family adapt when the boys develop schizophrenia? Do any of the family members handle it better or worse than others? 10. As the Galvin children begin having children of their own, how does their upbringing on Hidden Valley Road affect how they raise their own children?

2. At the time when the Galvin boys are being diagnosed with schizophrenia, studies in mental illness claim the parents are responsible. How do you think this affected how Don and Mimi handled the changes happening in their family?

3. How did growing up on an air force base positively or negatively affect the Galvin family?

4.. How did this book change your perception of mental illness?

5. Discuss how the youngest Galvins, Lindsay and Margaret, both came to terms with their family’s struggle with schizophrenia in different ways.

6. Did your feelings change about any of the characters during the course of reading?

7. What was your impression of Mimi at the beginning of the book? Did it change by the end?

8. Tragedies have the power to shape families to bring them closer or pull them apart. How is the Galvin family shaped by their own tragedies?

Finally, here is an interview with the author:

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