July Tarot: Tarot and Poetry

I don’t know about you guys, but July is kicking my butt and as of writing this it’s only July 10. With that in mind, this month I have links for you! By the way, WordPress just changed…everything, so until I take the time to figure out the new system I’m not doing much with images over here. Curses, new system. Curses.

OK, first off, here’s a wonderful article by Benebell Wen on Poets and the Tarot. I highly recommend Wen’s book Holistic Tarot which is comprehensive and amazing!

Here is a link to Classic Tarot Poems You Can Read Online, from a blog by the editors of Arcana: The Tarot Poem Anthology

Want to go shopping? Check out The Poet Tarot and Guidebook. I have this as an app but I think it works better as an actual, physical deck. It uses poets and writers for creative inspiration!

Message me if you would like a reading!

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