Sacramento Residents, please get tested!

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Hello everyone, these are busy and interesting times. I want to share with you that Sacramento County is asking EVERYONE, even people without symptoms, to get tested for Covid-19. It is usually covered by insurance with no copay and only takes a few minutes. I have been assured by Sacramento County that getting this test does not mean that one is taking a testing opportunity from a sick person.

This is NOT the test that determines whether you have antibodies. It only tests whether the virus is in your system. It’s important for the county to get as many people tested as possible so that they can map the location and progression of the virus. You get results back in 2-5 days. These results are used to determine things like who the State can re-open, and when, and where.

I was nervous because I heard that the test is uncomfortable but actually it was very easy. You put a cotton swab about an inch up your nose on both sides. It’s very easy to get an appointment and while the test wasn’t something I’d do for fun it wasn’t painful either. The test I had is being offered at Cal Expo – other sites still use a longer swab.

For more info and to make an appointment,

Here’s info about this less invasive test for the faint of heart (seriously it was so easy):

And here’s a link to the form you fill out to make an appointment.

Covid-19 is a worldwide and national issue but it’s also a social and racial justice issue. The disproportionate number of Black and Latino people who have contracted and died of the disease is yet another manifestation of systemic, institutionalized racism. Any of us who have the privilege to get tested owe it to ourselves and to everyone our communities to do so.

On a personal note, this will be a very quiet blog month! Don’t worry, I’m just rebooting for the summer. Love to you all!

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