Between the Lines Book Club: The Dozier School for Boys

between the lines book club logoThis month our book club pick is Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. We will discuss the book in person at Arden Dimick Library at 10:30AM on Saturday, Feb 22, 2020.

Nickel Boys is a composite of true stories about a very real place: Florida’s Dozier School for Boys. Here are some links to info about Dozier.

This report on NPR’s All Things Considered includes an interview with a boy who was hitchhiking and was sent to Dozier when the the driver who had picked him up turned out to be driving a stolen car.

CBS has a collection of historic photographs.

Smithsonian Magazine has an article with history and more links.

The following video contains a story about and tour of the facility and grounds:


Meanwhile, ust a short drive from Sacramento is Preston Castle, also known as Preston School of Industry, which has it’s own past history of abuse and trauma, as detailed in

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