Tarot of the Month: The Magician

The Magician from Rider Waite SmithThis month, let’s take a look at The Magician. This is a major arcana card, showing a powerful figure who channels energy “As above, so below.” The Magician is wise, powerful, and skilled, but a bit of a show off. They love their tools. Their collection of tarot decks is truly epic. They have the best crystals and the pointiest wands. Their sage is ORGANIC, y’all.

One of the benefits of midlife is that I just don’t have it in me to pretend to be other than I’m not. If I feel like using a pretty cloth and candles and crystals during a reading, I do it. If I feel like clicking on “Today’s Card” on a tarot app on my phone while waiting in the carpool line, I do that instead. In a similar vein, I feel that a tarot reader should be generally knowledgeable about the deck, but for heaven’s sake, if a person has reams of notes that they can use, why not use them? If I can give a better reading by using my books, then why not? Why own a tool and refuse to use it for fear of looking bad? Life is too short!

When it comes to tools, The Magician is a good reminder that tools are what we make of them. When tools help us, by all means, we should use them. If certain sights, sounds, or smells (candles, music, etc) put you in a receptive state, then use them. Look at your notes. Pull out your books.

On the other hand, we don’t NEED to have sage, or wands, or candles to get good readings. At a primal level, we don’t even need to know what the standard meanings of the cards are. All we need is a deck, and intuitive, receptive state of mind, and imagination. To study tarot is to embark on a wonderful world of scholarship, but to read tarot is more about intuitive self-knowledge than anyone else’s opinion. And as much as I’d love an excuse to drop thousands of dollars on Etsy products, tarot isn’t about shopping. Use the tools that help you, but don’t feel you need to acquire anything to promote an image. It may be a cliche, but it is true – real power comes from within.

Now excuse me – I just have to peek at the tarot stuff on Etsy ONE MORE TIME.



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