Come Find Me in June!

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in Pride and PrejudiceY’all, I cannot keep my head on straight this month. Can one of you call me now and then and say, “Hey Carrie, according to your blog, you’re supposed to be at thus and such place in an hour – also, you left your tea on the counter?”

June is a joyful, busy month. Here’s how to find me!

June 15: Folsom Library, 10AM – 11:30AM

Scholar Presentation: Jane Austen on Screen

Who’s the best Darcy? Did Pride,Prejudice, and Zombies work? How did the movie Clueless manage to be such a great adaptation of Emma? These questions and many others will be explored in this presentation about television and film adaptations of Jane Austen’s work. From soulful eyes to fabulous clothes to modern Bollywood, we will talk about how different adaptations highlight various themes of Austen’s work.

June 20: Rancho Cordova Library, 3PM – 5PM

Tarot for Teens

I’ll be doing an informal tarot workshop and readings for teens. These are always fun workshops for me and the teens seem to enjoy them as well!

June 22: Arden Dimick Library, 10:30 – 12

Between the Lines Book Club: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

Check this very blog on Fridays for more about the book!

June 23: Central Library, 1PM – 2:30

An Afternoon at the Algonquin Round Table

Join writer Carrie Sessarego for an afternoon of wit as we discuss the legacy of the Algonquin Round Table. This group of playwrights, critics, authors, and artists gathered weekly for lunch at New York’s Algonquin Hotel. Round Table members included Dorothy Parker, Edna Ferber, Robert Benchley, and George Kaufman. Who said what, who wrote what, and who was romantically involved with whom? We’ll have the freshest gossip form the 1920s, the sharpest insults, and the fastest comebacks



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