Tarot After the Tower: The Star, The Moon, the Sun

UnknownLast month I posted about The Tower, a tarot card that is looming large in my midlife as I struggle with multiple life transitions. As a woman in my mid-forties, I find that I’m not alone in struggling not only with changes happening right now but with the realization that major changes inevitably lie ahead.

In the major arcana, the next two cards are The Star and The Moon. Both are cards that involve intuition. After The Tower, we have an opportunity to rebuild our lives, but that requires a lot of thought. We have to be able to dream big, but we also have to avoid being misled by illusion. The Star is a hopeful card, and the Moon card is full of foreboding, but both represent a mind that is searching for answers, and that needs to find them on an intuitive, emotional level rather than just a list of facts.

In applying The Tower, The Star, and the Moon to my health issues, I see the following:

  1. The Tower: my level of energy and mobility have sharply decreased, forcing major changes in how I live my life, as well as major changes in my relationships.
  2. The Star and The Moon: maybe I’ll be all better if I just wait this out, maybe I don’t REALLY have to change anything, maybe I’ll be cured in some instantaneous, easy, one-step fashion if I just wait. One the other hand, maybe things will never get better and I might as well just eat cake and take opioids all day until I die because no amount of self-care or medical care will fix anything.



We arrive at The Sun when we are able to move out of denial and apprehension and see truly. Rachel Pollack describes this card as showing an “active, energized” state in comparison to the dreamy Star and Moon. The sun traditionally represents knowledge, but after the Tower the person has been reborn into a state of what Pollack calls “childish simplicity.” This is the state that lets one accept help and take naps without guilt but also allows one to do their physical therapy in hopes of future improvement. It signifies the kind of joy and happiness that can only come from clarity.


While I’m a long way from The Sun card, I can see it from here, which is a good thing. I hope you are all visited by this state of joy!


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