The Grateful Geek

Happy Thanksgiving

Time for the yearly tradition in which I give thanks for all the geek-specific moments hat have thrilled my heart this year. This year Thanksgiving falls on November 22, so here are 22 things I’m grateful for:

  1. Jason bringing a spider into the MRI machine in The Good Place.
  2. Eleanor as wingman. “It’s for science!”
  3. Amos and Prax on The Expanse discussing Frankenstein.
  4. Amos and Anna.
  5. Amos pouring the kids their cereal.
  6. The casting in Mary Shelley – a lackluster movie, but the casting was ON POINT.
  7. The National Theater Company production of Frankenstein. “Let us dialog!”
  8. Every single thing about Black Panther.
  9. Eve’s passcode on Killing Eve.
  10. Villanelle’s cute pink frothy dress on Killing Eve.
  11. Learning to play guitar as depicted in We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix.
  12. Boom Studios, killing it with comic after comic.
  13. Queer Eye. How I long for the Fab Five to cuddle me on the couch, pet my hair, and croon, “Yassss, Queeen.”
  14. The original format Great British Bake Off, without which I could not get through my darkest hours.
  15. Bob’s Halloween costume, Stranger Things. Justice for Bob and Barb!
  16. Detective Hopper’s Dad dance and Eleven’s reaction.
  17. The end of Get Out.
  18. Bucky’s puppy eyes in Infinity War.
  19. General Leia FTW.
  20. The lightsaber fight in the throne room in The Last Jedi.
  21. Chris Evan’s Twitter account.
  22. Captain America meets Groot.

and of course:

gif from Minions: "I love all my followers!"

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