Save the Dates

me (Carrie) in Steampunk attire, speaking at Worldcon
I’ve been asked by one of my fans to post my upcoming speaking engagements for September and October here. The truth is, I’ve been asked by my mom. Because of my interest in classic horror, this is an unusually busy time for me. Here you go, Mom! Love you!

September 29, 2018: Memoir Writing Class

10:30AM, Arden Dimick Library

Do you have a story to tell? Our memoir writing class offers an introduction to memoir as an art form and how to begin writing yours.

Be brave and bring a sample for the class to read and discuss (and if you don’t have anything to share, that’s OK too). Come tell us the story of your life!

Space is limited. Register online at, by phone at 916-264-2920, or in person at the library.


October 5, 2018: Mary Shelley

10AM, Folsom Public Library

2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.

Come hear hair-raising stories about the turbulent life of Mary Shelley and the monster she created. Mary drew on her own interest in science and her experience with abandonment and loss to create the first science fiction novel – one which continues to terrify readers today. We will explore her life and the culture or the Romantics as well as the novel itself.


October 12: Tarot Cards for Teens

4PM – 5:45PM Arden Dimick Library

Learn the history behind tarot with Carrie Sessarego. Get a reading and learn how to read the cards for others. Check out our selection of tarot and other similar books.


October 20, 2018: Creators of Classic Horror

10:30AM – 12, Arden Dimick Library

Join us for 90 minutes of classic horror as we discuss the origins of Dracula, Cthulhlu, and the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. We’ll share some gossip about classic horror writers, and some insights into their work which continues to inspire so much of the horror genre today. Get your Halloween going in earnest with these early writers of terror!



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