See you at Worldcon!

UnknownI’m so excited to be attending Worldcon, which is in San Jose this year. If you are attending, please let me know. Would love to meet you – or, if I already know you, would love to meet up, as they say.

I have one presentation:

Women Who Outsteampunked Steampunk

Room 211C

Saturday Aug 18, 2PM – 3PM

Steampunk is essentially alternate history of the Victorian era.  But what about the real people in history, who were inventors, soldiers, travelers?  Throughout history, women have always found ways to circumvent social norms.  Come hear about some women who did!   Learn about adventurous and groundbreaking women of the 19th Century, including Madam C. J. Walker, Isabella Bird, Annie Londonderry, and more.




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