Between the Lines Book Club: Lion at the Movies

between the lines book club logoThis month our book club pick is Lion, originally published under the title A Long Way Home. We will meet to discuss the book on July 28 2018, at 10:30AM, at Arden Dimick Library.

A Long Way Home was made into a movie called Lion in 2016. At that time, the book was republished with the new title, Lion, to match the movie. Because the movie was such a big hit, conversation about the book and the movie are intertwined.

When the movie came out, a lot of people did interviews, including the real-life people from the story. Here’s an interview with Saroo and his mother, Sue Brierley. It’s pretty basic until near the end, at about the 5 minute mark, when Sue talks about how she knew what kind of mother Saroo had had when she first met him because of the characteristics he showed at that age of four or five.


In this interview, Saroo talks about his childhood experience and the difficulites he had searching for his birth family. At the end there’s footage of the two moms meeting for the first time.


Here, of course, is the movie trailer:


One thought on “Between the Lines Book Club: Lion at the Movies

  1. Michelle Kunert says:

    “Lion” is on Neflix streaming

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