Between the Lines Book Club: More by Joshua Hammer

between the lines book club logoJoshua Hammer is the author of this month’s book club pic, The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu. He is also a prolific reporter who has written for magazings such as The New Yorker and Newsweek. If you liked The Bad-Ass Librarians  here are some other pieces you might enjoy.


A Season in Bethlehem

Publisher’s description: Newsweek’s Jerusalem bureau chief Joshua Hammer arrived in the West Bank in October 2000 — just after Ariel Sharon made his inflammatory visit to the Haram al-Sharif, otherwise known as the Temple Mount. Sharon’s trip ignited the worst violence the Middle East had seen in decades…A Season in Bethlehem is the story of one West Bank town’s two-year disintegration, as witnessed by a reporter who was there from the beginning. Woven together from Hammer’s own firsthand reportage plus hundreds of interviews, it follows a dozen characters whose lives collided on the streets of this biblical city.

Yokahama Burning

A description of the 1923 earthquake that struck Yokahama, and how the resulting devestation paved the way for Japan’s involvment in WWII.

Chosen by God: A Brother’s Journey

Hammer’s brother is a convert to an ultra-Orthodox branch of Judaism. In this book, Hammer discusses why his brother converted, what each brother’s lives are like, and the changes in their relationships to each other as well as to other family members.

Campare and Contrast: Magazine Articles

Hammer has written dozens of magazine articles, but I found it interesting to compare the ones he wrote for Smithsonian with the ones he wrote fo GQ.

This link takes you to a list of articles that Hammer wrote for

This link takes you to articles published in GQHammer’s articles for the Smithsonian have a scholarly bent wheras the ones for GQ involve disasters and true crime. You can see the writer using the same techniques to convey suspense that he uses in Librarians.


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