A Geeky Thanksgiving, Only Slightly Belated

Robin and Batman from Lego Batman Movie
I know what you’re thinking! You are thinking, “Hey, I thought CarrieS was not going to blog in December!” However, I’ve decided that in keeping with holiday tradition I owe to myself to remember some of the geeky joys that got me through a shitty 2017. There was so much great stuff! There was Orphan Black! And Wonder Woman! And more!

Usually I count the number of things that matches the number of days from November 1 until Thanksgiving. Since I missed Thanksgiving this year, here’s a full 31 days worth of geek joy.

  1. Helena’s twins eating sand in Orphan Black
  2. “We’re friends! From work!” (Thor: Ragnorak)
  3. Unexpected yet perfect team-ups on The Expanse
  4. Diana and Steve discuss sex in Wonder Woman
  5. The No Man’s Land sequence in Wonder Woman
  7. Bob Newby, superhero (Stranger Things, Season 2)
  8. Science dogs

dog with sign that says, "I'm a cat...#alternative facts" 

  1. Aunt May gets Peter Parker ready for prom in Spider-Man: Homecoming
  2. The trailer for Valerian that gave us all the pretty but none of the stupid

  1. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson taking their jobs in King Kong VERY SERIOUSLY.
  2. Samuel Jackson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly not taking their jobs on King Kong seriously at all.
  3. The new Doctor (Doctor Who).
  4. The Good Place, starring everyone’s perfect facial reactions.
  5. Stylish spies in Amberlough and Atomic Blonde.
  6. Feminist Lovecraft is a thing (Dreamquest of Vellitt Boe, Brimstone, etc.)
  7. I may not be into Justice League, but Jason Momoa sure is pretty.

shirtless Jason Momoa as Aquaman

  1. Charlize Theron and her Atomic Blonde wig collection.
  2. Rogue One. “This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.”
  3. Feminist Horror, Feminist Gothic, Feminist all the things.
  4. Alt National Park Service shows us where the real heroes are.
  5. http://worstcats.tumblr.com
  6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. goes insane, in a good way.
  7. The Lego Batman Movie.
  8. “So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.” Felix throws the best party ever on Orphan Black.
  9. I finally watched all of Parks and Recreation. Yes, I would play Cones of Dunshire.
  10. Phillip Pullman is back with The Book of Dust.
  11. Women dominate the Hugo Awards of 2017.
  12. Captain America helps me cope with the election by punching Nazis hard in the face (thank you, iTunes and my DVD collection).
  13. Crimson Peak continues to comfort me during down times, because I love watching Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska chase each other all over an insane mansion in their insane nighties.
  14. Only 78 more days until Black Panther!




One thought on “A Geeky Thanksgiving, Only Slightly Belated

  1. The Lego Batman movie *. * Mamoa looks yummy in Justice league lol

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