Between the Lines Book Club: In the Garden of Beasts

between the lines book club logoIt’s hard to believe that it’s already August, yet here we are. Our book this month is In the Garden of Beasts, by Eric Larson. This non-fiction book tells the true story of American Ambassador William E. Dodd and his family during their service in Berlin. The year? 1933.

The book was well-reviewed. The New York Times said,

“In the Garden of Beasts” has the clarity of purpose to see the Germany of 1933 through the eyes of this uniquely well-positioned American family. There are hindsight-laden books that see the rise of Hitler as a parade of telltale signs. There are individual accounts that personalize the atmosphere of mounting oppression and terror. But there has been nothing quite like Mr. Larson’s story of the four Dodds, characters straight out of a 1930s family drama, transporting their shortcomings to a new world full of nasty surprises.

The Telegraph says:

Larson writes history like a novelist. As in his last book, The Devil in the White City, he sets a small cast of private characters against a backdrop of tumultuous public events.

We’ll be meeting in person to discuss this book at Arden Dimick Library on August 26, 2017 at 10:30AM.

By the way – one of our books this year was The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown. One of our sharp-eyed book club members found that PBS will be airing a special on the real-life rowing team profiled in the book.  The special, called The Boys of ’36, will air on KVIE World channel 6.3 on August 4 at 5pm and 10pm. You can find more information at

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