The Women’s March on Sacramento

IMG_2297.JPGI’m so proud to have been one of 20,000 marcher in Sacramento marching for women’s rights. I’m especially proud of my husband, who found parking and corralled kids, and the kids, who are our future activists. The mood was cheerful and positive, even up front where we were squished.

I hope that cis-gender, heteronormative, white women will take away from the march the fact that true feminism must be intersectional. We cannot only march for access to birth control. We need to also march for the civil rights and safety of people of color, of immigrants, and of the LGBT community. We also need to avoid the trap of thinking that because we marched during one epic day, our work here is done. This is a long haul. We will need snacks.

My approach to activism this year had been to set a goal of 365 actions, large or small (mostly small) in 2017. So far I’ve tallied 71 actions. Most of them are small – signing a petition or making a call or sending an email. Often I knock out seven actions on a Monday over the course of an hour or so. I’ve written or petitioned or called about captive elephants, reproductive rights, human rights, Trump’s tax returns, his nominations for cabinet posts, Chelsea Manning…I don’t even know what else! And most of it only took a few minutes.

My intention in telling you this is to show that even if you only have thirty minutes a week (or five minutes a week), you can take at least some on-going action to keep the pressure on businesses and elected officials towards a world that values free speech, environmental health, and human rights. Please continue to make your voice heard all year, not just during this political transition!

One thought on “The Women’s March on Sacramento

  1. Deborah says:

    I applaud your participation and mindfully making an effort to do ‘something’ each day. How right you are that it doesn’t make a difference whether participation is large or small. The only way we have to protect the people and places we love is to participate. Thanks for your reminder!

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