img_0045It’s officially December and thus I am staring hollowly into space. Here’s some links to get us through.

First of all, a literary online advent calendar! It’s free! It’s fun! It’s at Book Riot!

My daughter and I are crazy about this art from Wildstar Tempest. Enjoy.

Chuck Wendig’s yearly Gifts for Writers post is up, and I approve.

Enough fun! We have work to do!

Giving to charity this year? Of course you are, and not just in December, I hope. Charity Navigator can help you find the best charities in terms of fiscal health and responsibility and accountability.

Many of us are trying to be more politically and socially active this year. My Civic Workout offers suggestions for a 5 minute action, a 10 minute action, and a 30 minute action every week.

Happy clicking!