Solstice Song

IMG_0045.JPGThanksgiving is over. Our families didn’t kill each other, the cousins bonded, much pie was consumed, and we are home being sniffed by our pets who suspect us of having eaten turkey while we were away.

As we pause and catch our breath before December First unleashes the madness of the holidays on us all, here are lyrics I wrote about Winter Solstice in my hometown. I hope you find many peaceful moments during this hectic season!

Here in Sacramento, there is no sign of snow

But the fog fills up the streets and makes the streetlights glow

All of us are happy that the solstice season’s here,

And that the light’s returning from the darkest time of year.


Whichever way you celebrate the rising of the sun

We hope that your holiday will be a blessed one

May we all find peace and joy, goodwill to all who live

Remembering love and kindness are the sweetest gifts to give.

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