Between the Lines Book Club: McCullough Speaks!

between the lines book club logoThis month the Between the Lines Book Club is reading The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough. You can leave comments about the book here, or better yet meet up in person at Arden Dimick Library  at 10:30AM on Saturday, July 30, 2016.

David McCullogh is a highly acclaimed author who has won two Pulitzer Prizes (for Truman and for John Adams) and a National Book Award (for The Path Between the Seas). He was born in Pennsylvania in 1933, and studied at Yale where Thornton Wilder became his mentor. He met his wife, Rosalee, when he was seventeen. They have five children and currently live in Boston.

McCullogh’s first book was The Jonestown Flood. Although he was approached to write about other disasters, he didn’t want to be labeled “Bad News McCullough” so he turned to a more cheery story, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. He is probably best well known for John Adams and for 1776.

McCullough did a number of interviews about The Wright Brothers. Here are links to a few:

Saturday Evening Post – this interview has content about the book but also about McCullough’s life

And here’s a lengthy interview with McCullough and Ken Burns. McCullough narrated several of Burn’s documentaries.






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