And they’re off: The Great Bike Trip Begins

IMG_1128My husband and daughter are off on the epic bike trip – they plan to spend the end of June through July biking form the California/Oregon border down the coast all the way to Mexico, wrapping things up just in time for San Diego Comic-Con. I know they will take some showers in campgrounds but still – can you imagine what those two are going to smell like by the end of the trip? And how many bike tires they will go through? The mind reels.

I’m driving the back-up car for parts of the trip so will be posting sporadically. Wish us all luck!



3 thoughts on “And they’re off: The Great Bike Trip Begins

  1. Susan Herman says:

    That sounds so cool. I have a dream to do this with my family some time. Have you read The Bar Mitzvah and the Beast, by Davis author Matt Biers-Ariel? It’s about a family that rides west-to-east from CA to DC (to deliver a letter on climate change to their legislators with signatures from across the country–that’s what the teen boy wants to do for his mitzvah instead of having a religious ceremony). Anyway, a fun read!

    • CarrieS says:

      So very sorry that it took me so long to approve this comment – first I had no wifi, and then…well…I forgot. I have not read that book but I’m adding it to the pile!

  2. JF Owen says:

    What great way to create father-daughter memories!

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