Wednesday Videos: Penn and Teller

WednesdayVideoMy dear readers, I owe you an apology for some dead space – I came down with an evil death virus and fell behind on blogging. Normally I blog a month at a time so as to be prepared for things like viruses, but in this case the virus hit on the very week that my to=do list said “BLOG APRIL.” Luckily for me (I guess) the evil death virus turned into an evil bacterial thing which means I got magic antibiotics and am back. Yay!

I’m at RT Booklovers Convention in the same hotel where Penn and Teller perform. I’m amazed to have to tell you that I’m not seeing them – they are very expensive. However, I see their faces everywhere around the hotel so I feel a certain vicarious thrill. Here they are performing the family safe (for once) series of card tricks known as “The Physicist’s Deck of Cards”

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