Open Thread: Best Pets in Speculative Fiction

dragon-vs-human-war-in-how-to-train-your-dragon-3-will-toothless-die-606152It’s cough and cold and flu season, and for anyone with musculoskeletal issues it’s also achy joints season. My pets have been taking good care of us of late. Once their busy work of demolishing the Christmas Tree was done, they had time to attend to monitoring our health, which they do by sitting on various parts of our bodies. Any time I get a migraine I end up with a cat on my feet, a dog on my stomach and a cat on my head, and I can’t tell if they are concerned for my well-being or just thinking, “Don’t die, Lady, you are in charge of feeding us.”



My dog, looking concerned.


So with appreciation to my pets, let’s talk about the best pets in Science Fiction and Fantasy! Hop on the comments and let me know who your favorite pet is. Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig? How about K9, the robot dog from Doctor Who, or Ms Marvel’s alien doggie, Lockjaw? And let us not forget Star Trek: The Next Generation and Data’s cat, Spot:



Fantasy is full of dragons, but which kind would you prefer to have – fearsome ones, like in Game of Thrones, mischief ones, like Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon, or tiny one, like Emmy in The Dragon in the Sock Drawer?



Game of Thrones memories. They were so cute when they were little!


What every pet you get, for crying out loud, follow the damn rules. How hard can it be to not feed this guy after midnight?




One thought on “Open Thread: Best Pets in Speculative Fiction

  1. mwinikates says:

    I’ve seen a lot of love for Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog. I personally have always had a soft spot for Figment (though arguably he’s more of a partner than a pet to the Dreamfinder, whatever his Curious George-like qualities).

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