Halloween Thanks

Mystery_Men_19123_MediumSo today I was going to review a book but ha ha I have a cold and I’m about to go to the store in my PJs to get tea and stuff so no book review for you today. Instead, here’s some Halloween thanks:

Thank you to the many trick-or-treaters who came to our house – we love being part of a big trick or treat neighborhood!

Thank you to the fact that all the trick-or-treaters vanished at 9PM. We had one group at 9:30, but my porch light was still on and jack-o-lanterns still lit so there was no breach of etiquette there. Once the lights went off we had no late night knockers, either human or supernatural. And all the trick-or -treaters, especially the teens, were glowingly polite. We had awesome teens. You are not too old to trick or treat as long as you are doing it that politely! Come back next year!

Thank you to the parents who had my peanut allergy daughter over this week and who had to put up with the fact that for me from October to January it’s basically one long anxiety attack about food. You will all be pleased to know that dear daughter had a great October with no allergy attacks although she is also sick.

Thanks to my husband who is hiding the candy so I don’t eat it all, and thanks for the fact that he hasn’t hidden it quite yet. Mmmmmm.

Thank you PJs and Cartoons and tea and Kleenex.

Happy belated Halloween and Samhain to you and yours!

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