Between the Lines Book Club: Among Others, by Jo Walton

WednesdayVideoI’m so excited that our October book is Among Others, by Jo Walton, because this is one of my favorite books. Among Others is a love letter to reading and to libraries. It is also, depending on how you interpret the book, a fantasy or a contemporary novel. We will be discussing it in person at Arden Dimick Library in Sacramento at 10:30AM on Saturday, October 24. You can leave comments here, or, better yet, visit us in person!

Among Others is told in the form of a diary by Mori, a teenage fan of science fiction and fantasy (note: although the book can certainly be appreciated and enjoyed by young adults, it’s not marketed as a “Young Adult” novel). Mori is sent to boarding school after an accident which injures Mori and causes the deaths of her mother and twin sister. Reading books provides her with escape, stability, and a sense of community as she bonds with other fans.

Although Mori is a science fiction fans, I think readers of many other genres will relate to her finding community through reading. It’s also fascinating to see reviewers from different publications approach the book with their own biases – the book is very popular among people who love science fiction and fantasy but also popular with people who prefer literary fiction and who enjoy the strong characterization and the possibility that the magical elements of the book are a combination of metaphor and Mori’s imagination. Here are links to some reviews:

Washington Post

NPR lists Among Others as one of the best books of 2012

New York Times Sunday Book Review


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