Wednesday Videos: New Music from Chris Hadfield

WednesdayVideoChris Hadfield is an astronaut best known for commanding the International Space Station (ISS). While he was up there, he played a and wrote a lot of music, some of which is making it into his new album, “Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can”.

And in case you missed it, here’s his haunting cover of “Space Oddity” set on the ISS. It’s gorgeous!

In an interview with Globe and Mail, Hadfield talked about some of the challenges of playing music in space:

“It’s hard to play guitar on a spaceship, because there’s nothing to hold the guitar stable,” he pointed out. “Almost always, the guitar slips in your hands. If you’re a guitar player, I tell people to try playing while standing on your head.

“The producer who was helping me, Paul Mills, said: ‘Your guitar playing is a little messy,“’ he added with a laugh. “I said, yeah, you come up here and play guitar.”

His singing voice mutated too, he explains, because sinuses don’t drain mechanically like they do on Earth.

“There’s no gravity to pull the fluid out of your head,” he said. “So you always have a full head and swollen tongue and vocal cords.”

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