Book Review: Sci-Fi Chronicles, edited by Guy Haley

Welcome to what is possibly the shortest review ever posted on this blog – my review of sci-fi chronicles: a visual history of the galaxy’s greatest science fiction.

Here’s the review:

This book is really fun and a great reference guide, but if you share a bathroom with your husband and daughter don’t leave it in there because people will read it in the bathroom and forget to come out while you do the bathroom dance of “I need to pee but someone is in the bathroom reading that damn book again.”

To elaborate:

This book has an entry for most major science fiction works from 1818 (Frankenstein) to 2009 (Avatar). It includes a chart of spaceships (oooooooooh) and a vast chronology and a glossary of genre definitions. Something like Frankenstein  gets multiple pages, that include information about the original work and further adaptations.

I mean be honest, isn’t that just beautiful? Some works have a two-page spread of color photos, other have a single entry. The entries include books, movies, TV shows, and comics. It’s very well-organized and a lot of fun to browse through, which is why keeping it in the bathroom is both obvious and disastrous.

The entries are not neutral in tone. They are, essentially, a series of reviews, although they are all careful to note the legacies of the works. The real fun of the book is in how meticulously it shows the connections between works and the scope of science fiction. The index alone is a work of art. I highly recommend this book. Just be careful where you put it.

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