San Diego Comic Con or Bust!

Wow, this is actually a thing! A thing that is happening! In just 2 days I will be at San Diego Comic Con and for those who have followed me since last year, no, I will not camp overnight to try to get into Hall H again. That experience was a blast (Domino’s delivers pizza to the line!) but once was enough!

Last year I was really focused on panels, and they were wonderful. This year I have my daughter with me so I’m doing less standing in line and more looking at stuff, maybe getting some autographs, and basically just hanging out with my kid! I know it will be torture not to be going to all those panels but honestly it will also be a nice change of pace.

The one event I’m REALLY excited about is an off-site Clone Club party for fans of Orphan Black. My sestra Heather is attending with me this year and we’ll be cosplaying as Alison dressed as Alison and Cosima dressed as Alison. We are very excited about the party!

Will be back with plenty of pics! Sestra Heather, when not playing Alison, is going as one of the Vulvani from Mad Max: Fury Road, I have my Steampunk Jane Austen ensemble, and I also have an outfit that’s not so much “cosplay” as it “I put on all my Doctor Who apparel at once” outfit (villains dress, scarf pin, cute hat). Yet another trip in which I am likely to remember things like fascinators and fans and forget things like socks and underwear.

See you soon!

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