Between the Lines Book Club Meets Tomorrow!

between the lines book club logoTomorrow (May 30, 2015) Between the Lines Book Club meets at Arden Dimick Library at 10:30 AM (891 Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864). If you are following along online, drop us a comment and let us know what you thought of this month’s pick, The People’s Platform, by Astra Taylor!

The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in a Digital Age is a book that challenges commonly held ideas about how “democratized” and “open” the Internet actually is.  Here’s a couple of quotes from the book:

“wealth and power are shifting to those who control the platforms on which all of us create, consume, and connect. The companies that provide these and related services are quickly becoming the Disneys of the digital world—monoliths hungry for quarterly profits, answerable to their shareholders not us, their users, and more influential, more ubiquitous, and more insinuated into the fabric of our everyday lives than Mickey Mouse ever was. As such they pose a whole new set of challenges to the health of our culture.”

“Those who applaud social production and networked amateurism, the colorful cacophony that is the Internet, and the creative capacities of everyday people to produce entertaining and enlightening things online, are right to marvel. There is amazing inventiveness, boundless talent and ability, and overwhelming generosity on display. Where they go wrong is thinking that the Internet is an egalitarian, let alone revolutionary, platform for our self-expression and development, that being able to shout into the digital torrent is adequate for democracy.”

“New media companies look remarkably like the old ones they aspire to replace: male, pale, and privileged.”

What do you think?  How does the Internet benefit you?  How does it hold you back?  Leave your comments below and join us tomorrow for coffee and conversation.

One thought on “Between the Lines Book Club Meets Tomorrow!

  1. JF Owen says:

    I think that the point isn’t whether everyone who has access to the internet is heard and makes a difference; it’s whether they have an opportunity to be heard and make a difference.

    It’s true that most will be lost beneath those who have risen to the top of the hierarchy, but isn’t that the case in life in general? It’s also true that before those at the top were behemoths, most were small lizards scurrying around on the lower levels looking for a way to fight their way to the top.

    Every technological advancement that mankind has envisioned and implemented has had its detractors, those who have bemoaned its effects on society. The internet has done what few other advancements have done in the past…leveled the playing field in a way that anyone with an idea, insight and the will to persevere can succeed. The internet may be Darwinian, but it is also filled with opportunity for those with the will to accept the challenge to excel.

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