Genius Loci Update!

c3d412b1300665e5c5f97169c4517f3d_largeOne of my projects this year has been writing non-fiction introductions to the wonderful fiction short stories in Genius Loci.  The anthology celebrates spirit of place.  The stories are by turns scary, sweet, heartwarming, horrifying, futuristic, and fantastical.  The kickstarter for this anthology went live last week and as of Sunday night we are already have $11,319 towards our goal of  $14,500!

We have some lovely stretch goals planned, including more art, a deluxe format edition with gilded pages, and an exclusive pdf for backers from author James Louder.  The backer rewards include Skype chat writing classes with Seanan McGuire and Sunil Patel, notecards and crafts, and additional work from some of Genius Loci’s contributors.

For more info about the kickstarter, go to:


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