Look Out South Korea – The Geeks Are Coming

3-night-seoul-sightseeing-and-shopping-tour-in-seoul-146564We are on our way to Seoul for a two-week long visit with our very generous and welcoming South Korean friends.  We’ve never been there, and we are excited beyond belief.  Here’s some betting pool suggestions to keep you occupied while I’m away:

1.  Theoretically I have something like 15 hours to do nothing but sit on a plane and stare at my laptop.  Will I write on the plane like I’m supposed to, or just sleep, entertain my offspring, and watch crappy movies?

2.  How much money will I spend on knick-knacks?  How many of my souvenirs will be books?

3.  After two weeks in a single apartment, will my family and my host family still be friends?  Can I increase the odds of a positive answer by baking them cookies?

Usually I prep like crazy before a trip, but this time I’ve been so rushed that I’m barely aware of what country we are going to.  It’s actually quite liberating to be traveling with a minimum agenda and, as my daughter says, “no spoilers.”  Will report back!

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