Happy Holidays Everybody!

the sun's movements on solsticeI am collapsing on the couch post-Christmas, pre-New Years’ and catching up on my reading.  I’m so behind!  and I have eaten so many cookies!

I hope that you all had a lovely holiday whether it was Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, Solstice, or none of the above but hey you got the day off work. I hope that you had ridiculously unhealthy food and that you regret nothing.  I hope that you are still speaking to all of your family members, unless you’ve realized that detachment is a healthier option, in which case, I support you.

It has been a great year at Geek Girl In Love.  Thanks for reading, and may you have much happiness in 2015!

One thought on “Happy Holidays Everybody!

  1. Mary Groesbeck says:

    Dear Carrie, JoAnn Marie @ FSPL told me about your blog. I am old & have read a blog before. I enjoyed reading it. Just wanted to say that your father, John, was my favorite principal in a 29-year career in the San Juan school district. And that I have a great memory of him & your mom visiting me & my husband in Yellowstone Park a little over 30 years ago. Best wishes for 2015 to you. Mary Groesbeck

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