Wednesday Videos: Grateful for Sleepy Hollow!

WednesdayVideoOne of the many things I’m grateful for this year is the presence of Sleepy Hollow, the TV show that io9 describes as  “the show that makes any attempt at describing it to a non-watcher sound like you’re the drunk guy who went to a historical-conspiracy website one time and Cannot Stop Thinking About It!”

I was hunting for videos and I came across this compilation which made me ridiculously happy – it’s behind the scenes interviews with Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie.  They basically act exactly the same out of character as the do in character.  It’s adorable.   Highlight:

Tom:  “Well, when you’re running down this corridor and you know people are about to jump out at you…oh, don’t look so tough!”

Nicole:  “Please!  You just had coffee with them in the chair!”

Whatever you are thankful for this year, I hope you have plenty of it!

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