A Season of Reading Gratitude

Charlie Brown and SnoopySince November is the eleventh month, I’m taking today to think about eleven things I’m grateful for that have to do with reading.  Some of this list refers to experiences, like snuggling with my daughter at night while my husband reads Tolkien to us.  Some of this list is just a list of books I’ve read, or am about to start reading, that were exciting.

Here’s some books and reading experiences that I’m grateful for this year:

1.  My husband and I are reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy aloud at night to our daughter.  Bliss.

2.  Symbiont, by Mira Grant.  When will I learn not to read the first book in her series until the last one comes out?  Parasite ended on a cliffhanger so I’ve been writing in agony waiting for the next book to come out.  It’s not every day that I’m thrilled by the prospect of a tapeworm zombie apocalypse but I am SO EXCITED.

3.  Silverblind, by Tina Connolly.  The conclusion to Ironskin and Copperhead was soooo satisfying but now I’m sad that the series is over.  So maybe I’m not that grateful.  I’m semi-grateful.

4.  Between the Lines Book Club.  Those of you who can’t make it to Arden Dimick have no idea how much this book club makes me step up my game – and after a steep learning curve I feel like I’m finally hitting the right groove.  We have such a great group of people, and I love stretching in terms of reading outside of SFF and Romance genres and in terms of coming up with deep discussion questions!

5.  The West Coast Bitches Meet-up in California!  You’ll never find a nicer group of people than followers of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.  And you’ll never find a more talkative bunch of introverts!

6.  Which leads me to…Romantic Times Booklovers Convention!  After years of trying to get to this convention I’m finally going this May.  Gonna meet my fellow reviewers for the first time!

7.  ARCs on the porch.  As I disclose on my FAQs page, I often get advance review copies from publishers.  Sometimes I request them and sometimes they just appear.  The UPS Fairy brings them.  As God is my witness, that happened AS I WAS TYPING THIS POST.  I never know what I’ll get.  It’s like Christmas every day, y’all.

8.  The Dresden Files.  Everyone told me to go read the Dresden Files and now I can’t get anything done because there’s 13 books in the series and I have to read them all right now.  They are so good.  They are like Thanksgiving Dinner.  Thirteen helpings of Thanksgiving Dinner.  But not literally, because that would be gross.  They are just right.

9.  I read Hogfather by Terry Pratchett every Christmas.  This year Sarah Wendell at Smart Bitches Trashy Books wants me to write about why I re-read it.  I think I better read it again to make sure it’s fresh in my mind, don’t you?

10.  Having an excuse to read Emma.  Between the Lines Book Club is reading Emma on Feb 28, 2015.  Can you believe I hadn’t read Emma before?

11.  Getting books signed – by my friends!  I love the collection of signed books I’m amassing.  a few of them represent five seconds of interaction but most of them are signed by friends, or by authors who I actually got to hang out with a bit, or from events that I want to remember forever.


2 thoughts on “A Season of Reading Gratitude

  1. That’s a good list. I’ll have to take a look at some of the books on it that I am unfamiliar with. I have to agree that it is awesome having books signed by friends.

  2. Dresden! Tolkien! I knew there were reasons I wanted to follow this blog.

    I adore that your spouse is reading LoTR to you and your child!

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