Wednesday Videos Love How We Look

WednesdayVideoThis story by Micaela Blei had me in tears, but some of them were happy tears.  Go do what you like, y’all.  Be radiant.

On a similar note, here’s a link to a lovely essay by Bridgette White about the importance of being in the picture and seeing yourself the way you’re kids do.  It’s at

My Great-Grandmother-In-Law insisted that I include photos of myself in packages of photos of my husband and daughter, and that’s why I did not completely vanish from my daughter’s childhood.  Now that I’m spending more time at conventions doing public speaking, there are photos of me all by myself,  I’m learning to see past the height (short) the weight (over) the glasses and a certain appalling lack of fashion sense and see the excitement and joy of a woman coming into her own.

selfie at SDCC

My camping all night for San Diego Comic-Con Hall H selfie


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